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April the Twentysecond

Today Monkey went out for a pint of fresh cask conditioned ale.  And no, a cask ale is not ,”sort a like”, Killian’s.  Anyway, upon entering one of the few bars in all of North America with the level of sophistication needed to hand pour a real ale and was taken aback by the above scene.  There, with commotion, noise and life swirling about him sat a fellow quietly reading a book.  Seriously?  All the liveliness, conversation and general bustle and you are going to sit there like some dissociate sociopath reading?  A book no less.  Well, dear sir, Monkey knows a fellow traveler and gives you a tip of the hat.

Monkey has a few titles for you.


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April the Twelfth

Today Monkey went no where in particular.  Waking up at 10am to find a deep azure sky Monkey made the bold decision to lay in, for another few hours.  Rolling out for an early one o’clock brunch at North Star Monkey was perplexed to find the establishment utterly over run with drones.  Faceless, lifeless, Pavlovian constructs busily mucking about in their meaningless, and thankfully short, existence.  Their existence?  Who are we kidding here…  your existence.  Why, you are just on your lunch break, and it is Monday after all, you offer as a weak defense to Monkey’s disdaining gaze.  Too late worker bee.  Monkey’s 25 second interaction with your rat race has broken his mood and while you head back to the office, at the beginning of yet another soul crushing week, it’s Monkey that will be recharging his batteries.

Monkey pooped in your flower bed.

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