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May the Third

Today Monkey watched a hopeless act of monumental futility.  Do you really need to spend so much time deliberating over which stick to use?  Do you?  Oh not that one, the tip is a bit off.  Hmmm, this one has a small nick in the shaft, might hang up on something.  This one looks good, better roll it on the table, make sure the shaft is true.  These are some of the imagined thoughts Monkey sees bouncing around in your empty head.  Monkey would like to hold out hope that someday, in the not too distant future, you will come to the realization that your shitty ass pool play is not a result of inferior stick selection.  Instead, blame lies fully in your years long meth habit, that has left you more shaky than a jack hammer.  Too, bad for you, and your bowels, Monkey is also aware that said meth habit will keep you from any moments of epiphany.

Monkey is going to show you where to put that stick.


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