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February the Twentyfourth

Today Monkey went out to get a piping hot pizza.  Sadly for Monkey at 4am the options for pie are limited to your dirty hole of a shop.  Which, in itself, would not have been a problem only for some, no doubt grand reason, you have stopped delivering after 2am.  This makes you a jackwad and due for a full share of recompense as Monkey did not, in fact, want to venture into the frigid dark.  So, in a foul mood, and trudging though the snow what does Monkey find upon entering your, ever so well plowed and salted, parking lot?  That’s right, the Hound Dog mobile, your pride and joy.  The options for life lessons are almost limitless.  But don’t fret over the lost sales due to a lack of operable vehicle.  Instead think how much better the Earth will feel with you not driving that gas hog for a few days… or weeks.  Or, now that I think about it, ever.

Monkey is saving the planet, one jackwad’s limo at a time.


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